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MELKAM AMETBAL( መልካም አመት በዓል)
Abdu Kiar
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Tsehaye Yohannes
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Manew Yalew
Abinet Agonafir
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Abinet Agonafir Gurage music
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Tamirat Desta
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Comments about Aster Aweke           
Anonymous 8/8/2014
Thanks Astu for each music u sing we love you.

zeberga 5/16/2014
በጣም አሪፈ ነው

mimmie 5/12/2014
we like u aster u so nice Music

selam 2/16/2014
it is so difficult to me to chose from your song which one I like,I can say all nice, I love you,,

sam 2/9/2014

sam 2/9/2014

robel tsegaye 11/30/2013
i really'd like to thank the person or the institute who created this site from the bottom of my heart.u have no idea how soul food it is.i wish i know who u r

ታድሎ 11/15/2013
አስቱ ፍቅር

Anonymous 11/11/2013
አስቲር ወሳጝ ዘፋጝ

danile 11/11/2013
i real enjoy it!!!!!

Anonymous 10/17/2013
Desperate for old music BIG FUN ASTER AWAKE FOR LIFE!!!!

mikkee 8/14/2013
The unbeatable n legend Aster! love you forever.

wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 8/12/2013

b1h2n3 8/11/2013
i love astu!!

gete 7/25/2013
Aster wow betam aref music ew

salem 7/10/2013
please can you load "bizualeme" by aster aweke bc i like it very much i hope you will do that sooon

meron 7/10/2013
lovely aster

Anonymous 6/27/2013
so nice

Manny G 6/11/2013
እትዮጵያ ሃገርችን በ ሙዚቃ መድይ የታወቅች ነች..ለዚህም ያለን ሃብት መጠበቃችን በጣም ደስ ያስኛል..እትዮጵያ ሃገራችን ለዘለም ትኑር መቸም እንወዳታለን..ባህላችን ሃብታችን ነው....

mamu 6/3/2013
it is really very nice

ችርነት 24/05/2013 5/24/2013
በጣም ቆንጆ ነው በርቱ

ሃና 4/28/2013
ፕሮግራማችው በታም ኮንጆ ነው

ሃና 4/28/2013
ፕሮግራማችው በታም ኮንጆ ነው

Anonymous 4/6/2013
betam arfe nwe

mulu 4/4/2013
Aster the best Ethiopa muzic

Anonymous 4/4/2013
Aster the best Ethiopa muzic

Berhanu 3/16/2013
I love you!

Anonymous 3/10/2013
iti tiofkkmfl;fkormgkorlgfo

sara 3/10/2013
betam new yemewedew

Tamirat 2/27/2013
the none dead song for every generation Astu you ware really sweet!!!!!!

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