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MELKAM AMETBAL( መልካም አመት በዓል)
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Comments about Tilahun Gessese           
John 11/14/2014
Would you please would you please would you please add caption add to track titles...we want to hear what we want please .It doesn't give option to choose what we want for example Epherem track 1, 2 3 4 Tilhun track 1 track 2 track 3 track 4...It will be easy if you can add atleast title of the musiv next to track number. please

Tsegaye G/Medhin 9/17/2014
He is the talented OROMO. That paved the way in HABASH music. You have to thank OROMO.

Anonymous 9/17/2014

ሮዛ ሮዚና 7/23/2014
ጥልዬ ነፍስሀን ይማረው

ኧረ ተዉ!! 6/21/2014
የዶ/ር አርቲስት ጥላሁን ገሰሰን ነብስ ይማር ውይ አንዳንድ አስተያየት ሰጪዎች አበሳጩኝ ሆኖ መገኘት እንጂ ሥለ ሰው ማውራት ሥላማይቸግር ብቻ ይለቁታል ።እሥኪ ይታያቹህ ዓለማችን ካፈራቻቸው ድንቃ_ድንቅ አርቲሥቶች አንዱ የሆነውን ኢትዮጵያዊ አርቲስት ቴዎድሮሥ ካሳሁን ላይ አስተያየት መሰንዘር ፡ቴዲ ለዕውነት የቆመ ልዩ ሰው ነው።ማንንም ሳይፈራ የሀሳቡን የሚናገር!

ሰናይ 6/6/2014
ነብስ ነህ ጥሌ

ሰናይ 6/6/2014
እባካችሁ ሰለሀይማኖት አልተጥየቃችሁም አስተያየት ብቻ!!!

lali berhe 1/25/2014
we mised him the ferst &last

adege ademasu kesebeta 1/22/2014
ይሁን ደስ ይላል

adege ademasu kesebeta 1/22/2014

Anonymous 11/23/2013
May God bless you all!!

Anonymous 11/9/2013
why vedios cant download

sharew 10/28/2013

kamil 9/26/2013
good but work for mp3 download 10q

dast 9/2/2013
ilike very much hes music is for ever nwe always.

@s 8/26/2013
Realy am Proud him ever

Almaz 8/23/2013
Ashu, Tilahun has never tried to hide his weakneses. He never comited himself to one woman. He always drank. He never saved money for the future. What we like about him is that he never portrair himself as a politician, or as spritual or as patriotic. Or he never pretend to be Bob Marley ( like the Shabia lover Teddy ), Elvis Presley....and he is exterimly talented. That my friend is why Tilahine lives in ous souls for ever while Teddy Afro has flipped out with a Shabia wife.

ashu 8/23/2013
he was a talented muscian but a wastless person, womanizer and good example of a muscian for all to see, I know he never ages since I was a child my grandmother use to say he was a singer while she was young etc..but all in all he had a very good voice and hope he lived his life

Sharew Getnet D/zeit 8/19/2013
Today we loose young and talented musician.Eyob Mekonen betesebun fetari tinatun yisetachewu.

sharew d/zeit 8/19/2013
Tilahun gesesse betam dinq chilota yetadele sew neber.sirawechu zemen ayshrachewum.nefsun geta yimarew.

abeba 8/12/2013
We all know that he is one of a few gifted artist. What keeps him different from the rest is his selfless live. He never tried to fill up his pocket ( unlike Teddy Afro or other Azmaris ), look back at his financial life. He was never phony patriotic even when he was forced to sing patriotic songs ( unlike Teddy Afro who produced several patriotic songs and Turn around marry Eritrean woman and has a child with ). Tilahuns life is that of selfless, blessed, free of nationalism, phony patriotism, religion bias or non of that stuff that little Teddy is suffering from. Tilahun will for ever stay in our soul while teddy will loose his lityle talent and ho in histry as phony of all times. God bless Tilahuns soul ! God duround him with angels, he truely belogs amog angels.

ትረምፕ 8/7/2013
በመጀመሪያ በድረ ገፁ ላይ አስተያየት መስጠት በመቻሌ አመሠግናችኋለሁ፤ ጥላሁንን እግዚአብሔር ነፍሱን በገነት ያኑራት!

Anonymous 7/18/2013
ጥላሁን ጥላሁን ጥላሁን ሁል ግዚ!!!!

tm 6/24/2013
I like this website

alex from london 6/22/2013
no words can describe him he is one of few amazing talented and gifted artist in this planet!!!we missed him soooo.....much.....RIP.

Anonymous 6/7/2013
tilahun gessese the best of best aoll music betame ewedewalhu i like this website tak ..

abderehim 6/5/2013
betam yemimech ena tratun yetebeke yehzb meznanga new adnakoten sgels bedesta new bertuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!

abebech 5/13/2013
muzica amerarete techelalachu

abebech 5/13/2013
muzica amerarete techelalachu

abebech 5/13/2013
muzica amerarete techelalachu betame harife new

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